Urgent Turns: Technology and its Implications

From Ipod to Itouch to Iphone to Ipad 2: technology nowadays is leaving most of us in bewildered and left behind-kind-of-state. Machines are developing fast I cant help but question what is man's future in this ever changing world?

Last Feb 18 I read an article relating to how Watson, a computer, bested two human competitors in a game show called Jeopardy (refer to this link: http://www.voanews.com/english/news/usa/places/Computer-Bests-Humans-on-TV-Game-Show-116468678.html). If this computer can answer questions and formulate questions based on given answers, I think human calculations is in jeopardy in general:)

I think, the possibility of machines deciding for themselves in the future presents a seriously grave threat to mankind. Man has created many things like nuclear reactors and weapons that has the potential of establishing peace and security, and securing the advancement of science and technology but also has the potential of ending civilization. This advancement in technology that everyone is so crazed about and hyped up nowadays, I really think, may also have the same possible consequences.

The future is too big for my random babbling about. It is too uncertain to tell what will really happen next as it is uncertain what technological product will be introduced to the market that will again awe people. There is one thing that I hold as certain- at least in my own point of view- that freedom has various consequences and man possesses it. It is up to him how to use it and let's just hope that he think many times before taking any decisions into realization.