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INC APOLOGIST EVADES A CATHOLIC APOLOGIST QUESTIONS I posted the following questions for the apologist of Iglesia ni Cristo in Bishop Tagle's discussion board in facebook. TANONG PARA SA MGA MIYEMBRO NG KULTO NI FELIX MANALO:
1. Did God absolutely prohibit ALL KINDS OF IMAGES? [Yes or No]
2. If God prohibited ALL KINDS OF IMAGES would it imply that even your very own picture is prohibited by God? [Yes or No]
3. If God did not prohibit ALL KINDS OF IMAGES, what then are the kinds of images that God prohibited?
4. In Exodus 20:3-5, what kind of images were prohibited? ALL KINDS OF IMAGES or IMAGES OF IDOLS?
5. Is the image of Christ an image of an idol?
6. Did God prohibit the making of an image of a holy person? [Yes or No]
7. Is a Holy person an idol?
8. What makes an image idol?
9. Did God commanded the making of images?
10. To follow your logic, would you then agree that your minsters should destroy the statue of Manalo in your central office? Since in Ex.20:4 it says, "…

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