The Unknown

Any situation where you suddenly don't know what will happen next especially when in that certain moment you are at the center causes anxiety. . I like to think that this applies to most people because it really scares me to think that I am weak and more when I entertain the thought that I am even weaker and alone.

This time almost everything is becoming more unpredictable. There seems to be a raging vortex at the very center of everything in my life right now. Everything happens so swift I already forgot what it feels like to be free of worries. Deadlines happen to get near so fast. What will happen next I do not know and my future seems to be becoming less and less clear and more obscure.

I want to work already but I want a job that is respectable and will reflect my personality. Certainly I do not find myself in nursing until now, especially this kind of nursing in the Philippines where there's no sense of dignity... There's no dignity in a profession that serves people in a way that even usual people can perform. Nursing care is really like a civilized word for common maid-chores. I dont know what I will do anymore.

I am at the crossroads right now. Will I continue this seemingly reward-less endeavor that is nursing or will I quit and see where pasture will my interest pay off? One thing is certain though, either of the choices present clear end. It certainly causes anxiety.