Dreams and Means

What are dreams? Are they the supernatural castles and valleys where you can trot, happy and gay throughout its borderless lands meeting fauns and fairies to sing songs lifting your spirit up? It could be and some people  (like me) would give up my diploma in nursing just to see and know that this kind of place really exists after I die.

Dreams are places where being just me is not a sin and everything I have ever craved and wished for are possible. I have always wanted to experience being admired by people around me for doing heroic things. I have thought of this as possible if I only am a physician... Man if it was not from my cellphone's interrupting alarm I could have finished my imagined operation of the United State's president ruptured appendix!

In the morning, feeling my face and seeing my struggling knees as I stand up, it is in these countless moments that I am confronted by my unforgiving circumstances. I do not have a job and I am 22; I have applied many times but in this unforgiving world, you seem to count if you have a politician or someone in a high position behind your back, hence the name backer. I have spent 2 years wondering, being a burden to my family so that when my parents ask me if I have already landed a job I curl inside my soul in painful agony and I strengthen my guts to face and answer them in a flat affect kind of "no".

Every body asks me that same question and just like any other drug the previous high gets pretty damn normal, you get used to it. I am numb already and my sense of honor gone so I answer with a smiling face that I still am not employed.

Blah blah blah with the corruption in this country. So much for the injustices to nurses by these mushrooming unqualified schools of nursing producing 100s of thousands of jobless chaps like me. Opportunism makes you rich and I think this is what business is all about. No one really cares as long as something is profitable.

Money is the center of man's life, not any deity or even love. Money gets the world going. Money can dress a man and undress a woman, it can make things awfully right again, it can erect buildings and destroy cities. Man practically worships money. Just an example for this claim would be the Ampatuan case. Damn, could it be any better than that?! Someone just ordered the killing of not just 1, 3, 20, 30, but 50+ people all innocent and unarmed, and this someone is still untouchable for a year already. The law's scale is defective when money is weighed. Everything practically is run by money, praise be to you oh money!!!

Without money, dreams are impossible so many people dream of becoming rich and there are lots of ingenious ways of achieving it. you just have to be creative...