The Aim

Just had my duty and though I walked a very long way home I still cannot feel this dreaded slumber that I feel every duty. My mind seems to expect so much of the prospect of "going home" that mere thinking of it makes my body relax.

So far my life has been the product of expectations mostly by other people. I have my own but they are mostly failed ones like my ambition in medicine. Why am I bringing that up again? They told me to forget about it for now because I still have to mind the situation of the family- we are not rich. Money is precious. People say it cannot buy happiness but it can surely buy the things that could make you happy...

What is my heart's desire now? Will I cease to fantasize or will I cease to hope? I have no money so fantasizing and hoping seem synonymous. I can understand Mr. Krabs's fanaticism now and instead I am laughing at myself.

They say there is no place like home but there is something inside me that wants to break free and see the world. Am I ready? Is this just another impulsive jerk in me that needs only time to pass? I really hope so... When I was still a kid I dreamed of becoming famous- not some artist-kind-of-famous but an immortal-kind-of-famous like Galileo and Einstein kind-of-famous. I dreamed of venturing into medicine because there is so much promise yet I ended up here in nursing. Am I taking this field to lightly, am I looking down on it?

Regardless, I still have a long way to go in fulfilling my heart's desires and I certainly need all resources to get there whether be it monetary or emotional/psychological support!