The Void

The only thing that comes to my mind is this: that my dreams may vanish but this world will continue rotating and revolving. It feels so unfortunate when you see what your dreams really are but the current reality keeps you away from it like a chain entwined in your neck just when your near the fountain of life... I have seen myself becoming a Physician but financial and familial pressures are the exact streams that I am currently hurdling myself against.

My classmates are already going up the ladders of becoming physicians someday in their progress in medschool.


Here I am stuck in the very void of my evasions from reality. Every time I wake myself up I am confronted by this ever dismaying reality of being just here... This world is unfair but I cant break loose from it.

I feel down and cheated by this fate (if thou art real!!!) then I am doomed for I cannot see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope, my air. I suffocate in my loath and wanting the seemingly impossible. I have heard that hell is the suffering brought about by the realization of the love of God being forever kept away from you and I feel the same emptiness now. I know what I aim for and my dreams but I also know its hardly ever be possible for me to reach it- I am doomed to this sadness.