In ‘tis felicity,

With hope, thee might like

I’ll try with depth,

Adore thy beauty bright.

Aphrodite attests;

Thy smile beyond compare

‘midst world’s gloomy feat,

Thy kiss solely sweepeth

‘tis melancholy.

Gleaming moon confirms,

Thy love that I desire

My eyes proclaim a wish

Engulfed in passion’s fire.

Great is love, man pursues

Granted, nothing can’t he do

For ages past ‘till now

My love burns a wondrous thrill.

By rivals, undaunted

I seek to win thy heart.

Before this men arrayed

I beg to notice my part.

Words alone, splendid be,

Won’t suffice for such


But if these things go wrong,

I’ll take with me

thy sweet memory.